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仅需$29 WP GeoIP 国家重定向 WordPress插件下载


在线预览插件功能优惠价 $29

WordPress GeoIP Country Redirect 插件允许您根据访问者的国家和一组规则自动重定向您的访问者,您可以在 wordpress 管理面板中定义这些规则。


– 重定向到您想要的特定页面。

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– 从所有页面、帖子、类别和/或主页的下拉列表中为特定页面添加重定向规则


– 大量重定向:通过添加大量重定向规则来重定向不需要的流量。 没有在管理面板中定义重定向规则的国家/地区将被发送到定义的位置。 可以禁用或启用此功能。

– Wp-Admin 区域内的插件管理面板。

– 日志记录功能可以查看 wp-admin 面板内的安装错误以及最近的活动,例如最后一个国家重定向到哪个 URL 等等。

随意测试你想要的,看看它有多强大。 如果你有一个缓存插件,你必须 禁用缓存 对于您应用重定向规则以正确检测国家/地区的页面。

v3.8 – 2022 年 11 月

- Updated geoip database
- Fixed logging: when disabled it was still logging some entries, not anymore - it will log geoip infos only when Enable Logging is set to Yes

v3.7 – 2022 年 6 月

- Updated geoip database

v3.6 – 2021 年 8 月

- Updated geoip database

v3.5 – 2020 年 12 月

- geoip database update

v3.4 – 2020 年 11 月

- compatibility with the latest wp health check

v3.3 – 2020 年 8 月

- geoip database update
- if you're using cloudflare cdn it will take advantage of their geoip functionality instead

v3.2:2020 年 1 月

- forward ?query parameters when redirecting if the target page has any appended
- when applying redirects within a category, also the posts in that category will be redirected, not only /category/slug as it was till now
- thanks to hutton89 for sponsoring this update

v3.1:2019 年 10 月

- you can now enable/disable logging to database (benefits speed and avoids overloading database) - just go to wp-admin->WP GeoIP->WPGeoip Log and select your preference
- updated geolocation database

v3.0 2019 年 4 月

- upgraded geoip databases for better location accuracy
- fixed correct IP detection when some servers send it in uncommon IP:PORT format or  multiple comma separated IP1,IP2,IP3 are sent 

v2.9 2018 年 6 月

- migrated to the new, shiny & performant maxmind geoipv2 databases 
- of course, upgraded geoip databases

v2.7(2017 年 6 月)

- added WPMU support
- added ipv6 support

2.6(2016 年 1 月)

- nicer interface
- added wildcard redirect, all countries rule in one shot
- added cookie once redirect

v2.2 至 v2.5(4 月 20 日)

1) Added IP exclude from redirect option
2) Added Import & Export CSV rules (for easier migration to other sites or when updates will be released)
3) Shortcut to create European Union rules (all 28 member countries) 

v2.1 至 v2.2(1 月 23 日)


1) allow to search country from dropdown (as well as page, category selects have been search enabled)
2) added confirmation on deleting a redirect rule
3) added a new feature to allow adding ?noredirect=true GET parameter to avoid being redirected
4) sorted countries alphabetically
5) overall improved user experience.

本产品包括由 MaxMind 创建的 GeoLite 数据,可从

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在线预览插件功能优惠价 $29

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