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仅需$19 VCKit – WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) WordPress插件下载


在线预览插件功能优惠价 $19

VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 1VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 2VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 3VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 4

视觉作曲家套件 是一个必须有 WordPress 插件才能完美地工作 适用于 WordPress 的 WPBakery 页面生成器 (以前的视觉作曲家). 凭借出色的功能集合,此插件将是您构建出色的 WordPress 网站的最大帮助。 易于使用是我们的重点之一,所以如果您不是网络开发专家,请不要担心,我们的 Visual Composer Addons 不需要编码经验。 与满意的客户一起为亮点网站做好准备,我们的支持团队承诺陪伴您,直到满足您的期望。

请注意,VCKit 是一个附加组件 WPBakery 页面生成器 (以前称为 Visual Composer)- 不能与 Visual Composer 建站工具

VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 5VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 6VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 7VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 8VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 9VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 10VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 11VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 12VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 13VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 14VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 15VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 16VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 17VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 18VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 19VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前的 Visual Composer) - 20VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 21VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 22VCKit - WPBakery Page Builder 插件集合(以前称为 Visual Composer) - 23

WordPress divi主题

请注意,VCKit 是 WPBakery Page Builder(以前称为 Visual Composer)的附加组件,因此您 必须安装 适用于 WordPress 的 WPBakery 页面生成器 第一的。


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  • 按钮灵感
  • 交互式悬停
  • 交互式导航器
  • 一页导航器
  • 互动通知
  • 工作流程
  • 图标展示
  • 二维码
  • 滚动图像
  • 渐变背景
  • 倾斜悬停
  • 图像倾斜效果
  • 图像交换
  • 消息框
  • 首字下沉
  • 卡片翻转
  • 分隔器
  • 列表
  • Mailchimp 时事通讯
  • 图片横幅
  • 联系表格 7
  • Pricing Box(定价表)
  • 前后图像
  • 动画块
  • 动画打字
  • 即时消息
  • Instagram 动态
  • 社交分享
  • 旋转木马滑块
  • 灯箱
  • 信息图表/杂项。
  • 队员
  • 图标框
  • 感言
  • 计数
  • 倒数
  • 反圈
  • 视频模态
  • 进度条
  • 标题效果
  • 标题渐变
  • 三星电网
  • 优雅的格子
  • 交互式网格
  • 杂志格
  • 谷歌网格
  • 行背景功能


版本 2.0.7 – 2019 年 7 月 8 日
Add option disable animation - icon showcase
 Add ratio 2:3 to interactive hover
 Functioning icon showcase
版本 2.0.6 – 2019 年 6 月 11 日
Fix waypoints with Visual Composer 6.0
Fix icon show case padding
Fix before after when image width is not fit container
Add more config for lightbox
Edit instagram get access token link
Fix: grid interactive metabox image
Fix image swap link
Make grid js compatible with isotope v1
版本 2.0.5 – 2018 年 12 月 25 日
Remove margin bottom 30px of image swap
Fix cmb2 metabox interactive grid not show
Clear float none on button
Re-init carousel inside lightbox
Add icon modifier for admin
Update cmb2 to 2.4.2
Add resolution to instafeed
Fix image swap size
Add mobile font-size to interactive hover
Add ignore smoothscroll css selector
版本 2.0.4 – 2018 年 5 月 17 日
Fix: instafeed should unslick before populate content
Update slick to version 1.8.1
Add flag to hide first image when hover image-swap
Add prettyphoto to image slider
Add link class to image swap
Add link to icon show case
Fix issue with Symbol on IE11
Fix: slick carousel css issue
版本 2.0.3 – 2018 年 2 月 1 日
Add imageloaded to Before_After element
Remove modernizr js out of package
Fix: grid do not show all post types
版本 2.0.2 – 2018 年 1 月 16 日
Add: version label 2.0.2
Fix: scale on row ParticlesJS
Fix: particles json multiple line string interpolate
Update: workflow item should enable editor
Update: move jquery to dependencies on js
Update: jquery event move to 2.0.0 to fix conflict with jquery version > 3
Add more features for image swap shortcode
Fix: haruki form style
Fix: vckit box-sizing element in some theme
Fix: contact form input max-width by theme
Fix: conflict with theme like Jupiter 5
Update: provide option for interactive grid to use Media Library source
Update: add adaptiveHeight to normal carousel
版本 2.0.1 – 2017 年 12 月 1 日
Fix: effect winston
Update: migrate old carousel to new one
Update: remove modernizr - caugh by issue:
Fix: magnific popup conflict with jQuery UI datepicker
Fix: global carousel for interactive grid
Update: compatible with php version lower thant 5.3.0
Update: image banner change default font size
版本 2.0 – 2017 年 11 月 9 日
Fix: icon showcase color default
Update: workflow stylesheet
Fix: tutorial visual composer field spacing
Fix: old instagram feed video type
Update: instagram deprecated message
Fix: fumi contact form style
Update: deprecated instagram work with new instagram API
Fix: phpcs coding convention
Update: version and description
Fix: icon showcase background and color
Update: fix color in workflow item
Update: shortcode image scroller remove width property
Hot fix
Fix: testimonial link overflow
Resolve conflict
Fix phpcs
Update: new translation file for vckit 2.0
Update: un-deprecated old instagram feed
Update: instafeed color scheme
Update: instafeed sortby
Update: gutter option for new carousel
Update: instafeed work alongside with new carousel
Fix: image banner font size base
Update: shortcode image slider along side with new carousel
Update vckit_image_banner.php
Update: the shortcode new icons pack
Update: Disable interactive metabox if its module disbaled
Update: tutorial field value in editor
Update: vckit icon version 2
Update: admin menu icon
Update: new Instafeed shortcode
Update: correct the carousel arrow position
Update: vc_addons_kit.php
Feature: Image slider | vckit_image_slider.php
Add Image Slider settings
Update: vckit_scroller_image.php | background image
Update: css | background position
Remove useless js
Update: do not include css map in production
Update: css | margin of text
Update: css | transform
Update: vckit_image_banner.php
Update: settings
Update: grid interactive - slider mode
Update: cmb2 to
Update: cmb2 switch should have same style for themelego plugins
Update: add particles type to vc_row
Update: new icons set
Update: add tutorial field by default
Fix: correct file name ea - vckit
Update: correct admin stylesheet
Update js | remove some useless codes
Update vckit_scroller_image.php | add enable link options
Update scroller-image.php | add more element
Update vckit_scroller_image.php | fix comparison
Update js | fix comparison
Update vckit_gradient_background.php
Update: smooth scroll module
Feature: Scroller Image | update vc_addons_kit.php
Feature: Scroller Image | add vckit_scroller_image.php
Feature: Scroller Image | add js
Feature: Scroller Image | add css
Feature: Scroller Image | add settings
Update: icon box shortcode add highlight layout
Update: svg animation for icon box shortcode
Update: shortcode icon showcase
Fix: shown shortcode default by flag
Update: shortcode workflow
Update: add autoprefixer to live build
Update: add doc for Gradient background
Update: change class name to Vckit
Resolve conflict vc_addons_kit.php
Update: make code better
Update: correct name EA_Shortcode to Vckit_Shortcode
Update: disable google grid by default
Update: bring custom css to style tag, not on post meta anymore
Feature: update vc_addons_kit.php
Feature: Gradient background
Feature: add settings
Update: remove deprecated instagram feed popup mode: modal
Update: remove setting and support in 2.0
Update: move vckit_sharer to not enable by default
Update: interactive notification remove corner expand
Fix: add version 1.0.0 time to
Update: setting about vckit page
Update: move instagram feed to depecrated element
Update: the new plugin options
Fix: testimonial hide by category param
Fix: lightbox in some websive live reload
Fix: instagram scrapper rectange to square
Update: instagram scrapper new version
Fix: change init script from shortcode to public site
Fix: ratio original lazyload error on safari 11
Version label
Fix: interactive change scope of link
Fix: vckit remove base min-height caught error in some theme
Update: re-order fields of heading effect
Fix: add check to shortcode when save custom css
Fix: remove empty tab Customize
Fix: warning when save post by interactive shortcode
Fix: backface visibility for cardflip on safari
Added: category filter for testimonial
Fix: slick initialized on testimonial
Fix: auto load admin style on plugin option page
Fix: testimonial add bottom margin for dotted
Added: font-size option for testimonial
Fix: testimonial baseline cut on customer site
Added: enable disable auto height for testimonial
Added: autoplay speed to testimonial slider
Fix: remove outline in testimonial
Fix: testimonial add box-sizing
Fix: contact form madoka
Fix: include file fatal error, restrict dir
Fix: modernizr version 3.5.0 full option
Add: lightbox width option
Fix: php warning when get custom css  empty
Improve icon box custom style code
Fix: pricing box php warning
Fix: modernizr...

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