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仅需$19 NEX 表格的 MailChimp WordPress插件下载

在线预览插件功能优惠价 $19

NEX-Forms - 免费附加特别版!

NEX-Forms - 终极 WordPress 表单生成器

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NEX-Forms - 在 Envato Elements 上下载附加组件

此附加组件也可在 NEX-Forms 附加组件

NEX-Forms - 附加组件

邮件黑猩猩 – 一个附加组件
NEX-Forms – 终极 WordPress 表单生成器


此附加组件可以使用 NEX-Forms 构建的表单中的新订阅者自动更新您的 MailChimp 列表。


NEX 表格功能

NEX-Forms 7 - 最好的 WordPress 表单生成器
NEX-Forms 7 - 终极 WordPress 表单生成器 - 创建任何类型的表单
NEX-Forms 7 - 终极 WordPress 表单生成器 - 主要功能


NEX-Forms 7 - 终极 WordPress 表单生成器 - 在线支持


NEX表格 v7.5.12

ENHANCED: Drag and drop grid system. Now even more responsive and easier to use!
ENHANCED: Backend styling an usability. Basically refined the styling on some sections.
ADDED: Multi-step breadcrumb styling section.
FIXED: Multi-step alignment issue when re-calling in the backend
FIXED: Multi-step color issue when re-calling in the backend for dotted counter top text.
FIXED: Multi-step re-call issue for percentage bar.
FIXED: Print option for submissions in the NEX-Forms Dashboard
FIXED: Image Uploader Validation Issues

NEX表格 v7.5.11

NEW: New Percentage Progress Bar for Multi-Steps
NEW: Auto Advance to next step on single selection fields like radio buttons enabling quick forms for Multi-Steps
FIXED: Styling issues from various theme interference

NEX表格 v7.5.10

NEW: Use field data tags in your submission redirects as URL parameters.
UPDATED: Disabled double click on next and previous buttons.
FIX: Various 3rd party styling interference as reported.
FIX: Various 3rd party JavaScript interference as reported.

NEX表格 v7.5.9

UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - ENGINE MYISAM (resolves large forms saving issues)
UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - CHARACTER SET utf8mb4  (resolves large forms saving issues)
UPDATED: NEX-Forms DB table - COLLATION utf8mb4_unicode_ci  (resolves large forms saving issues)
FIXED: File uploader validation error messages
FIXED: Form Import 403 issue
FIXED: Various styling interference as reported
NEW: 18 NEW Built-in Templates

NEX表格 v7.5.8

FIXED: Fontawesome 5 missing icons
FIXED: Save Form Progress default field value conflict
ADDED: Using URL parameters to populate hidden fields and use in conditional logic
ADDED: Using hidden fields in conditional logic

NEX表格 v7.5.7

FIXED: File import Issue on some server configurations.
FIXED: Some Reported CSS Issues

NEX表格 v7.5.6

FIXED: Grid option hidden in backend.
FIXED: Some Reported bugs
FIXED: Font Awesome 5 icons not showing.
NEW: Extra Save Form Progress Settings
NEW: Use conditional logic to Skip to step, show/hide Entire Steps  

NEX表格 v7.5.5.1

FIXED: Field Data Tags button on TinyMCE Editor

NEX表格 v7.5.5

ENHANCED: Overall Back-end Usability
ENHANCED: Code Optimization on entire Back-end to increase speed and performance
ENHANCED: Front End output usability and styling
ADDED: Auto save form progress
ADDED: Super Selection Form Field Add-on Compatibility
ADDED: WPML Compatibility
FIXED: TinyMCE -> WP5.x -> Forms not saving issue
FIXED: Thumb Selection Styling Issue 

NEX表格 v7.5.4

ADDED: 800+ New Font Awesome Icons. There are now 1500+ Icons to use in Fields and forms.
ADDED: New Icon Select Field compatibility
ENHANCED: Overall performance optimization
ENHANCED: Redesigned dashboard for better usability and control
ENHANCED: Reporting Section
REFINED: Overall front-end look and feel of forms
REFINED: Field Validation
FIXED: Multi-step height  issue
ENHANCED: Various field settings

NEX表格 v7.5.3

NEW: Interactive Tutorials! Building a Contact form, Using Conditional Logic, Using Math Logic, Creating Multi-step forms
NEW: Admin Tours: Every aspect of the admin side is now covered with tours to help you know exactly where and how to make use of the entire package.
NEW: Google analytics tracking for form submissions.
ENHANCED: Back-end builder overall usability, look and feel to a much more solid experience.
FIXED: Various reported styling compatibility with 3rd party plugins.

NEX表格 v7.5.2

FIXED: Some styling issues.
FIXED: Column layout for multiple checkboxes and radio buttons.
ADDED: File upload Settings for the server.
ADDED: File attachment Settings for emails.
ADDED: New Multi-step Settings.
ADDED: Extra security on form field validation.

NEX表格 v7.5.1

FIXED: More WP 5.x issues like plugin registration.
FIXED: Double image tags when using thumbnail fields
FIXED: Field Data tags in On-screen success messages
FIXED: Multi file uploader issues
FIXED: Plugin WP user rights

NEX表格 v7.5

FIXED: WP 5.0  tinyMCE Compatibility issue

NEX表格 v7.4.1

NEW: Re-register license option. You can now re-register a license on any site without having to ask support to free up your license!
FIXED: Conditional Logic checkboxes issue
ENHANCED: Overall Multi-steps look and feel.
FIXED: Some styling issues

NEX表格 v7.4

ADDED: Automatic updates via WordPress Plugins Page. After this update, you can simply update from your WordPress plugins in the future. No need to go to Codecanyon Downloads making updating the plugin a breeze!

NEX表格 v7.3

FIXED: Digital Signature issue
ENHANCED: Live field validation styling and overall usability
ENHANCED: Onscreen Success message styling
ENHANCED: Sticky Forms styling
ENHANCED: Popup Forms styling
ENHANCED: Thumb/Image Selection Styling and usability
ENHANCED: Overall Form design to a more modern look and feel
ENHANCED: Optimized Conditional Logic
ADDED: Compatibility for the NEW Short-code Processor Add-on

NEX表格 v7.2.3

WordPress divi主题
FIXED: Chrome auto-fill for chrome version 65+
FIXED: Digital signatures in chrome
FIXED: Popup overlays
ADDED: Popups from any custom trigger. Just provide an element class name to make it a popup trigger.
ADDED: Show logged in WP User details in fields. Add the following to field values:  {{nf_user_first_name}} , {{nf_user_last_name}} , {{nf_user_name}} , {{nf_user_email}} , {{nf_user_url}}

NEX表格 v7.2.1

FIXED: A few reported styling issues.
FIXED: Some JS issues.
UPDATED: Changed from the old legacy API to the new Envato API
FIXED: Digital Signatures drag and drop issue
FIXED: Digital Signatures PDF Export issue
FIXED: Digital Signatures PDF Email Attachment issue
ADDED: Width and Height settings for Digital Signatures
ADDED: Compatibility for new PayPal Pro Add-on
ADDED: Compatibility for new features in Form To POST. The feature enables form field values in POSTS or PAGES content body.

NEX表格 v7.1.5

FIXED: A few reported styling issues.
FIXED: Checkbox labels show instead of values in Interactive Forms
FIXED: Checkbox labels show instead of values in Emails
FIXED: Reported Divi theme compatibility issue returning 0 on submit.

NEX表格 v7.1.4

ADDED: Compatibility for new ADD-ON called Conditional Content Blocks
ADDED: Disabled field settings
ADDED: Thumb and multi-thumb selection size settings.
FIXED: Some Styling issues
FIXED: Submission Reporting Issues

NEX表格 v7.1.3

FIXED: 3rd party script interference.

NEX表格 v7.1.2

FIXED: Saving Preferences issue
FIXED: Add media button on TinyMCE editors on Emails and PDF Creator
FIXED: Some Styling issue
FIXED: Input name change on check boxes

NEX表格 v7.1.1

FIXED: Registration issue

NEX表格 v7.1

OVERALL: Basically a full redevelopment of the builder and still have backward compatibility on forms built with earlier versions.
NEW: Switch forms to Material Design
NEW: Switch forms to Bootstrap
NEW: Switch forms to jQuery UI
NEW: Switch forms to Browser Default (theme styling)
NEW: Multi-step Breadcrumb with 5 variations (Basic, Triangular, Rectangular, Dotted, Dot Counter)
NEW: Overall Form Styling
NEW: Overall back-end look and feel

NEX表格 v6.7.3

FIXED: Multiple forms on single page conditional logic
FIXED: Multiple forms on single page multi-step back button
ENHANCED: Overall performance
ENHANCED: Validation error messages styling 
FIXED: Math logic JS error
FIXED: Headers already sent errors
FIXED: PHP 7.1+ compatibility issues

NEX表格 v6.1.5

FIXED: PHP 7.x compatibility issues
FIXED: PHP warnings when config.php wp_debug was set to true

ENHANCED: Optimised the plugin to half of the original size. Was 3.4mb and now only 1.7mb

NEX表格 v6.1.4

ADDED: Interactive Forms

NEX表格 v6.1.3

ADDED: Compatibility for Form to Post add-on.

NEX表格 v6.1.2

FIXED: Template forms saving and recall
ADDED: Popup form on Exit intent
ADDED: Time based popup - Have a form popup after a specified time 
ADDED: Page scroll popup - Have a form popup when a users scrolls to a specified depth on your page
ADDED: Decimal math setting - Specify total decimal places for math logic
ADDED: {{nf_form_data}} to PDF Creator - Show data table as per in emails
ADDED: WP User levels - Specify what level of user can access NEX-Forms admin area
ADDED: Hidden fields were missing in dropdowns like mailchimp field mapping
CHANGED: License Deactivation - No longer will a license be freed up when deactivating the plugin on an unused site but from the push of a...

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